Which Is Better: Dating Apps Or Hiring Escorts

Now what have we here, such a different and never compared set of things, being compared? This should be interesting.

Dating apps give us a window of access to people all around us who are interested in dating and also the same people are interested in having fun and going out with other people too. When you use a dating app, you are putting yourself on the spot, to be judged, accepted or rejected by random people who get to see your profile. It can sometimes be a blessing, but sometimes it can be really gut-wrenching and annoying when you don’t find proper matches. It is indeed a good thing that they don’t show you how many people have swiped ‘reject’ on your profile.

Now that would be saddening to watch. But, in the age of the internet and social media, finding your significant other on a dating app is not surprising or something to be shy about. Dating apps have an algorithm that is used to make sure that you are bundled with people who have a lot of similar interests relating to what you have listed. Dating apps and dating sites have been a boon to people who have not been able to find love in the real world. The thing is, comparing dating apps to hiring an escort will not do justice to either of them because each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

When we are talking about escorts, what you do is that you hire someone and you pay for their time. What you two decide to do at that time is up to you and the escort. Most of the time, escorts do not mention that they will be sleeping with you verbally or through electronic means because that would border on prostitution and that would be illegal in a lot of countries.

With escorts, you will have a lot of fun, indeed. They would be there to give you their undivided attention, they will listen to you, and they will help you with whatever issues you have. An escort should never be treated badly; you should treat them just as how you would treat a good friend or a significant other, for the time being. Make sure that you don’t get attached to them. You should understand that what they are doing is a job for them and they have no intention of developing feelings for you.

That is not the same when it comes to dating apps. When someone agrees to go on a date with you, they may come with intentions of building a relationship with you. There we have it, if you want something long term, do not turn to escorts.